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Referral Program creates the opportunity cooperation between
Subiz and partners based on seeking Subiz’s potential customers


10 - 15%

(On any payment value of the customer you referred to Subiz)

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This program is dedicated to businesses / people dealing in online activities : professional website design company, Internet Marketing company, Marketing staff, web development staff , etc.


Why should you take part in program?

* Increase income easily and quickly

* Provide more value for your customers

* No risk

* Subiz accompanies you 24/7

Why should you take part in program?
Process of Referral program
  • 1
    Sign up Subiz Account
  • 2
    Register Referral Program
  • 3
    Subiz checks information
  • 4
    Notify successful program registration
  • 5
    Run the program as agreed

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Frequently asked questions
  • Which conditions that Subiz accepts a referral application?

    - Enterprises are capable of searching, guiding and persuading customers to use Subiz

    - Must have Subiz account (a valid Subiz registration email)

  • Program commission?

    10-15% of any payments customers pay for Subiz (throughout using Subiz, regardless of initial charges, extension, adding more features etc). Contact Subiz to receive a higher commission rate.

  • Payment method?

    On the 5th of every month, Subiz will check and determine the income you receive. The payment will be made within 1-2 working days later.

  • How to process the program?

    Subiz provides you a unique ID. Subiz registration link will be based on your ID. When customers click on the link and register, Subiz will record. And when they pay for Subiz, you will receive a corresponding commission (initial charges, extension, adding more agents, etc).

  • Is it compulsory to install Subiz on my website?

    We encourage you to install Subiz on website in order to experience and know more about Subiz before referring to others. However, this is not mandatory. So, the only thing you have to do is that registering succesfully an account on

  • Note

    Follow the international rules of referral program

    Do not make any advertisements that compete with Subiz (directly or indirectly) You can write recommendations about Subiz on your Website, Blog, Email…

    Subiz appreciates that you make direct recommendation to customers and help them understand about Subiz

    Subiz do not take responsibility of compensation if you do not follow referral rules

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