Effective Communication
Many ways to interact to customers anytime, anywhere, conveniently and easily. Gather all the customers data and communication histories on one platform of Subiz.
  • Multi-Channel

    Subiz chat Subiz email Facebook messenger Zalo
  • Optimization

    Conversation rules Users segment Personalization Group chat
  • Automation

    Auto welcome message Automatically engage based on behaviors Automatically aproach on multi-channel Automatically connect after first-interaction
  • Smart Dashboard

    Vistor list User Active list Timeline Reports and analytics
Effective Communication
Revenue Breakthrough
Always ready to approach, understand your customer and boost sales; Automate and personalize communication to drive customers loyalty
  • Marketing Optimization

    Customer segment Automation Notification View content Media button
  • Increase conversions

    Reach customers effectively Deeply understand your customers Optimize the purchase journey Know the ideal time to increase sales  
  • Improve service quality

    Customer satisfaction Professional Agent Loyalty customer Customer service management
Marketing Optimization
Business management
Thoroughly exploit customer data synthesized from multi-channel; indentifing, analysing and solving customer problems promptly to build loyalty and love
  • All-in-one

    Marketing Sales Customer Service Management
  • Sustainable Customer Relationships

    Customers profiles All customer communication in one place Centralizing customer data Follow customer suitably
  • Smart Dashboard

    Agent performance report Agent group management Business Intelligence
  • High ROI

    Communication cost saving Increase Agent productivity
  • Open platform

    As an open platform, Subiz is always up to date and ready to integrate with other applications to bring more values to our customer

  • Regularly updated

    We continuously research and develop products to exceed expectations of your business.


  • Who uses Subiz?



    Customer Service

    Product Development


    Warehouse Keeper

  • What makes subiz different?

    One platform, centralized data Multi-Channel Approach All in one for your business growth Big data of customer experience Business Intelligence

Our Customers

More than +20.000 businesses are trully, deeply, mady using Subiz. How about you?

  • NCB Bank Kidplaza Datxanh Vin Group Mazda NamDuoc
  • Vietnam Discovery giaytot.com Canifa Pico mywork Hoa Sao Group GLN English
  • PNJ Baotin TruongHai Korea Spa metfone FPT University Hoang Ha mobile Visa center
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