Subiz Email

Subiz Email

Convenience, Automation & Optimization

Interactive personalize and automate customer service in a suitable and effective way


Subiz helps you receive and respond to clients via email right on the Subiz platform with powerful support tools.

  • Easily send and receive email
  • Email templates
  • Support Media
  • Block Email Spam


Subiz support to send Email Marketing, take care your customers in the right person, right time to increase your sales opportunities.

  • Automatically respond to customers email
  • Automatically send Email Marketing, Re-Marketing
  • Automatically send customer care emails after the first interaction
  • Automatically distribute Email to agent

Email authentication

Subiz configures DKIM & SPF to increase the reliability of emailed domains and improve email delivery efficiency.

  • Email authentication
  • Increase email volume in users inbox


Keep track of all activated of customers via email in real time, helping to speed up and enhance customer care.

  • Capture customer information
  • Update customer activities
  • Easily filter and find customers


Powerful Insights Consumer from email, helping to analyze and improve the quality of customer service, boost sales

  • Total send Emails
  • AVG Bounced Emails
  • Emails by Agent(s)

Our Customers

More than +20.000 businesses are trully, deeply, mady using Subiz. How about you?

  • NCB Bank Kidplaza Datxanh Vin Group Mazda NamDuoc
  • Vietnam Discovery Canifa Pico mywork Hoa Sao Group GLN English
  • PNJ Baotin TruongHai Korea Spa metfone FPT University Hoang Ha mobile Visa center
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