Update Subiz 2.0: Visitor’s Location Data and New Chat Command

April 23, 2014 - What Is New in Subiz?

Today, we’re happy to announce that there are two good things have just been updated in Subiz 2.0. It’s the result from the fact that Subiz team’s always worked hard to enhance the quality of Subiz support activities. And here are these new improvements:

1. More precise location data

In Subiz 1.0, sometimes users complained about the accuracy of visitor’s location data. At that time we couldn’t control it totally but we’ve really cared about it. Now happily, visitor database has over 99.5% accuracy in country level detection and more than 75% of accuracy in city level. Although it’s not 100% of accuracy, it’s still very precise information. And we hope that it helps you know where the visitor really is.


2. New chat command

You must remember that in Subiz 1.0, there are 3 chat commands that you can perform to record visitor’s information: !name, !email, !phone and 1 command to help you transfer conversation to another agent: !transfer.

Now we create one more chat command: End chat in IM client. All you need is type !endchat or !end to end the conversation.

The reason why we thought about this command is that in new Dashboard we have option “End chat” but in IM client we don’t have.

So until now you guys can use 5 chat commands in IM client. We also notice the ability to improve chat command in the future. And now, happy supporting!


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