Top 7 Essential Customer Service Books that You Must Read

Reading a good book is like taking a new journey to the adventure land you’ve never been to before. Especially for those who are working hard days and nights to find out the best ways to advance their customer service, some great books in this field will surely help.

It’s undeniable that nurturing your brain with customer service best thoughts from the experts should be your everyday task. These customer service books will mentor your vision; help you a great deal in finding the map that lead to customer’s heart.

I know you’re way too busy with ton of work each day, so to save time for you, I selected here the best 7 customer service books with excellent content that many customer service advocates read like their bible.

Here we go!

1. Delivering Happiness


Author:Tony Hsieh

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“Delivering Happiness:  A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose” written by the CEO of Zappos is one of the gems among customer service books. This book gives you how one corporate company could achieve remarkable results in providing an outstanding service and making their customers happy.

The book is the personal stand of view from Tony on his company’s growth, on how to hire talents for the team as well as building company’s culture. It has been receiving many positive feedbacks from its readers and many commented that it’s a “hard-to-put-down book”. Go for it and find your own point of view.

2. Customer Loyalty: How to Earn It, How to Keep It


Author: Jill Griffin

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This is complimented by Amazon as a “ground-breaking book” in creating the buzz for customer loyalty. If you’re looking for guidance to win over customers then this book is extremely valuable.

The book points out the different between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty (yes, there IS difference between them). Jill Griffin provides you practical strategies that businesses of any size can borrow and learn from. Get this book and you’ll know how to attract and keep loyal customers via well-thought theories, tips and examples.

3. Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit


Author: Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon

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It’s a book full of precious customer service lessons for all kinds of company! Seth Godin – the marketing genius also recommended this book as “filled with treasure and big ideas, this book will help you become exceptional”. Any reason not to read it?

In this book, the authors reveal the secrets of building exceptional online and offline customer service to guarantee winning customer’s loyalty.Also, you’ll have a list of “should say” and “shouldn’t say” words to customers which are worth training your staff for. Plus, they also write about solutions for dealing with customers in different cases.

Additionally, you’ll learn from the best examples of companies who did it astonishingly well in retaining customers as well as from the overreaching philosophy in customer service presented in the book.

4. Customer Service: New Rules for a Social Media World


Author: Peter Shankman

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Should I re-address the importance of social mediato your business as well as your customer service in the nowadays eCommerce world?Social media is the new battlefield for customer support – you know why.

With this book, Peter helps you in how to create a social media strategy that is suitable for your business and from that, earn long-term customer loyalty. All the topics about mastering customer service via social media are well presented.Get your hands and eyes on this guide and learn from the innovator!

5. The Best Service is No Service


Author: Bill Price and David Jaffe

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From Amazon’s description, this book offers you seven principles to deliver the best customer service – which eventually leads to “no service”. They are:

  • “Eliminate dumb contacts
  • Create engaging self-service
  • Be proactive
  • Make it easy to contact your company
  • Own the actions across the company
  • Listen and act
  • Deliver great service experiences”

This over-300-page book is one of the best how-to guidelines out there in earning customer’s trust. If you’re trying to find a way to do the right things for those who bought from you, then save this book to your list.

6. Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service


Author: Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles

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Analyzing the American customers, the “Raving Fans” explains how to turn customers into “raving fans” with revolutionary tips and techniques. Reading this book, you’ll realize that meeting customer’s expectation is not yet enough because sometimes their expectation are low and satisfying them is pretty easy.

What you need to do, according to this book, is to create “raving fans” whospend on you and tell the world how great your company is. This excellent book teaches you well in how to keep customers and how to acquire their love for your brand.

7. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity


Author: David Allen

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The last book in my list today will be “Getting Things Done” by David Allen – a great piece on how to get highest productivity to kill it at your everyday job, without losing your hair.

It isn’t directly related to customer service field but this book might be the savior for a customer service team. Customer service is a stressful job even though there are many tools that can assist the team to finish it. You will need “Getting Things Done” to build a solid, highly productive and stress-free customer service job for your team.

Keep calm and read a book!

These are my top customer service books that should be put on your shelf. Spend time on reading them and I believe that you’ll be inspired with many experiences as well as knowledge condensed in them. Sometimes it isn’t about the cost of a book. It’s about what it will cost you if you didn’t read that book.

How about you? Which customer service booksare you reading right now? Share with us your favorite pick, and don’t forget to share this book list with your team!

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