Subiz Is in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

August 23, 2014 - What Is New in Subiz?

Subiz: Some of significant updates

Subiz: Some of significant updates

Subiz: Some of significant updates

1. Spanish, Portuguese and Italian are now available on Subiz chat’s widget

It has been a long time since Subiz only supported English and Vietnamese on the chat widget. That has made difficulties for the Subiz in spreading chat service to non-English speaking countries in the world as well as international companies in approaching different potential markets

To meet the urgent needs of customers in using Subiz chat easily and conveniently in different languages, Subiz proudly announces that Spanish, Portuguese and Italian officially are available on the chat widget

In the future, Subiz will try to support more and more languages ​​in the world to help businesses reach out to many different markets with diverse languages​​.
Do not hesitate to send request for Subiz if your language is not available.

2. Sound notification improvement

If you are getting bored with only sound notification for both chat request, new message on Dashboard chat tool, now it’s time to enjoy some other interesting soundtracks that Subiz has just added.
You can change both sound notification for new chat request and new message. Go to Dashboard >> Settings >> General Settings you will see sound customization part.

3. Default avatar is now changeable

Only one more small update for Subiz chat widget is that you can upload your own picture or any images that you prefer onto chat widget.
Find this image uploading in Settings >> Chat widget >> Themes.

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