Subiz 2.0: No Longer Joomla Website Conflicts

June 10, 2013 - What Is New in Subiz?

In Subiz 1.0, we got some reports about chatting problem while using Subiz on their website. They said, they cannot chat, cannot receive messages from visitors even when they are online. :(

We also studied and found that the Joomla websites may get conflict with Subiz code if you use mootools compatibility. It’s also fixed easily:

- Go and download “MooTools Core 1.4.5 without compatibility

- Replace the old mootools file (compatibility version) by this new one (without compatibility version)

- Ctrl + F5 to clear cache and refresh your site

But now in Subiz 2.0, we’ve fixed the problem totally. And you’re free to install and use Subiz on your Joomla websites.


We hope there will be no burden to prevent you from experiencing new and amazing Subiz.

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