Launching Subiz 2.0 – It’s Here Finally

February 24, 2014 - What Is New in Subiz?

I’m really happy and super excited to announce the launch of Subiz live chat, version 2.0. Although Subiz has come a long way, it still has had a long way to go. And now it’s time to make a big change.

Why a new version?

Since the first launch in the middle of 2013, we’ve gained some remarkable achievements but at the same time, we’ve encountered many difficulties and challenges needed to be solved. When starting building Subiz 1.0, we focused on how to chat stably and we chose IM client as software need setting up. Gradually, we realised IM client software somehow hinders our customers from installing and using Subiz. Besides, we need a scalable infrastructure to operate smoothly with a large number of websites and express new features quickly. With the hope to bring out the best we have, we decided to upgrade new version of Subiz.

What’s new in Subiz 2.0?

We’re proud to say that Subiz 2.0 definitely brings amazing experiences for you, even much better than version 1.0. So what you exactly get from Subiz 2.0?

A big change needed to mention is the way to start chatting. No more installation, you absolutely can chat inside Dashboard. Sign in Subiz’s account and chat. Easy. Fast. No errors any more. For people who get used to chatting on IM client, don’t worry, you still chat normally. So, you can chat anywhere, anytime you want. Nothing can stop you supporting visitors.

It is also time for releasing worries about the language barrier. Subiz version 2.0 auto detect and convert chat widget label into visitor’s language. Now, your visitors will be easier to understand what’s going on, so reduce the missing chats.

We also realise the importance of knowing visitors so we’ve tried our best to dig deep into visitor’s information. And we’re pretty sure to say that you get the best ways to keep tracking and control real-time visitors. Acknowledge the visitor is new one or returning one or classify them into right groups basing on the products they care about are two of many advantages of New Subiz live chat.

And many wonderful features of Subiz 2.0 that I really want you to explore on your own. Hope you can find it useful and continue to accompany us on this long journey.

Happy supporting !!!

Cong Tran
CEO of Subiz live chat

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