How to Get Customers’ Love At First Sight via an Inviting Live Chat

October 23, 2015 - How to Success With Live Chat

Here we are talking about customer’s love for the brand again! You never could imagine that there may be ten million ways for customers to fall in love with your company, right?

Winning over customers is undoubtedly the job of customer service team. And one of the best tools to have your stellar customer service shine through is live chat (in case you need some advice on live chat optimization for specific pages on website, read this: “Where Are The Best Places to Install Live Chat and Win Over Customers?” ).

For today, let’s work on how to make customers fall hard and fall fast for your company by utilizing live chat tool when they are visiting your website for the first time.

Why is customer’s first impression important?

Live chat - improving first impression with customers

First impression matters

You only have one chance to make the first impression for your potential customers. It’s either making them remember you even after they leave your site or just being among those clicks that won’t last more than several minutes in their life. Imagine that customer’s first impression with your brand is the snapshot taken by their brain. It only takes one lightning fast moment. So be sure to make it vivid and remarkable.

Does first impression really matter this much? Yes it does.

Though it might sound mentally intangible, but having the first impression builds customer’s trust in your brand. Customer loyalty initiates right from this step. And you have no more than 8 seconds to convey your brand message as well as make people feel like they can put their trust in you.  Well, that is impossible in real life. However, we’re talking about the e-Commerce world where things happen even quicklier than a blink of an eye. Plus, having trust from customers means you will have to spend less on drawing their attention to your brand.

There are many elements involved in striking a good impression onto your customer’s mind. For live chat alone, it is the essential ingredient to build trust with customers even when they haven’t bought anything from you.

How can you improve your customer’s first impression with live chat?

Use a powerful live chat software

Other folks out there are talking about thousands of tips to nail a live chat experience for your customers. However, for me it turns out to be one simple tip:

Use a damn good fully-fledged live chat tool.

Best places to install live chat

All other tips with live chat will just be useless if you do not have a powerful live chat software in use. But, what a good live chat software should be like and how it helps you make unforgetable first impression anyway?

The feature that matters the most is: A good live chat tool lets you customize it for human interaction. Talking about making the first impression, is there any greater way than making your potential customers feel like they are engaging with the real people behind the website? Greeting is a simple step but it should not be overlooked. In your live chat window, there should be a humanized trigger message when customers landing on your website.

Plus, if you know how to craft a compelling chat trigger, it would be a double kills! A little personalization with the right tone and message-focused welcome will surely have a great impact on even the busiest customers to attract their attention.

Keep an eye on tracking metrics

Live chat - improving first impression with customers

To gain the perfect first impression with customers, you must understand them first. Know where they are from, from which medium they find your website, how long they have been staying, what concerns them the most, what they are looking for, what affects their purchase behavior…Learn all of those things to streamline the message as well as support performance via live chat.

Don’t forget that you can use the information from your current customers too to step inside your potential customers’ shoes.

Additionally, you should also evaluate the effectiveness of different activities in creating good first impression to adjust if anything does not work well. A successful website in giving visitors a good impression has the high number of returning visitors, longer time people stay on the site, lower bounce rate, and finally, increasing sales from new leads.

Bottom line

Customers don’t buy the product. They actually buy the experience when they are with you. So make use of every single second when customers are visiting your site to point your brand image on their memory. Good branding means brand stays in the back of their customer’s mind, not just in their browser history.

With this article, I hope you will set your team up for even better “Wow” moments for customers via an inviting and thoughtful live chat. Make people love you by showing you care for them and start your relationship with customers right from their very first steps on your door.

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