How to Get Higher Conversion Rate for Your Online Business?

Together with the emergence of so many technological innovations today, entrepreneurs are also changing the way they present their business – online business. However, many online businesses are facing with too low conversion rate, at 2-3%; in other words, only about 2 or 3 out of 100 visitors in average purchasing after visiting websites.

But making higher conversion rate is not too difficult. Try to think about factors lowering your conversion rates and improve them. From a business point of view, these factors should be viewed and analyzed from some perspectives.

How to Get Higher Conversion Rate for Your Online Business?

Now, let’s compare online business and offline business, you can figure out what the first factor is. Take a clothes shop for example. You walk into and a young woman greets you with a beautiful smile and enthusiastically assist you to pick up right ones. You – as a customer will feel that you are cared so much and easily moved to buy something.

Meanwhile, most of the online websites are lacking of supporters like offline shop’s. Visitors on any websites can easily get out because there’s no one there or they can’t find any way to submit their questions or needs. No one can deny the fact that online business can approach and bring much more potential customers but offline business is still predominant in live support.

So, the first factor that you really need to care is the real presence of online supporters. Try to find right solutions to make visitors feel that you present on your website, support them all the time and they are contacting with a real person, not an advanced device.

Once you show up on your site more frequently, think about your support team assists visitors enough. It is also the second factor that you should pay attention in order to get higher conversion rate. Apart from answering visitors’ questions, interacting and solving their problems quickly and timely, communicating with customers regularly can also keep them staying on your website longer as well as increasing the probability of their purchasing.

For instance, in a shoes shop, you are wondering buying a Converse shoes or not because you are not sure about the size. Then, a saleswoman shows up and asks if you need help. All the concerns are out of your mind and you will be willing to buy this shoes. Or, if nobody assist you, maybe you go away without buying something.

This case is also true for online business. You can calculate the average time on site of visitors, 2 minutes for example. Then, you should engage them proactively during 2 minutes before their leaving. So, be on time to support customers or suffer from losing them.

Above all, to get higher conversion rate, you should be sure about the ways your website support customers: Is your supporter on website? Does your support team interact with customers rightly?, etc. Today, there are many solutions for you to improve the quality of supporting customer on your site: live chat software, CRM, social media, etc. It is necessary to choose one or some channels to assist customers best with the hope to increase conversion rate.

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