5 Tips to Get More Backlinks to Your Site

If you imagine that your website is your home, then backlinks are streets and alleys connecting your place to others. It might be very difficult and expensive to own a property on a busy downtown street but it is easy to draw traffic to your page through digital roads.

Find some useful ways that suit your marketing strategy of getting backlinks from my 5 quick tips below.

Backlinks to your site

1. Own a modern website

This is the year of 2015 but still your site looks like it is from 2000s with loads of out-dated functions. Meanwhile, your competitor’s website looks fabulous and high end with many convenient tools like sharing buttons and live chat support.

We both know which one the customers will choose from and other webmasters will link to.

If this is your case, you should swiftly renovate your website with attractive design and user friendly structure. Plus, you need to equip your page with real-time customer support software which is commonly used now especially by e-commerce businesses. Good news is you can try one of the best live chat providers, Subiz, for free for 30 days here.

2. Update your website content

To have more websites link back to you, your page should not only look fantastic but also have interesting content. If you have a blog on your site, you even have more reason and motivation to update the content promptly. It’s so obvious that you will gain more interest and credibility from potential customers if your site is taken care of and updated usually.

In case you don’t have enough resource to maintain your blog and the latest post is months ago, you better shut it down or remove it from your website until you can manage it properly. You might think I am being ridiculous but surely a bad quality piece of content does more harm than good.

5 Tips to Get More Backlinks to Your Site

Update your website content

Again if you consider your website as your home, do you really think people would like to visit or build a road to your place if it is an abandoned house? The answer is absolutely no. We are thinking like a marketer here, not an archaeologist.

3. Speed up your page

If you already have a modern website with good content marketing but the number of backlinks remains a few or even none, maybe the problem is that your page is too slow. In this cyber world now, the page loading speed mostly decides the traffic and is the key to consumer’s loyalty.

According to a study of Akamai, 47% of online shoppers expect a website to load within two seconds. Moreover, 79% of survey respondents are less likely to buy from the site that they had unsatisfied buying experience. A good example is Amazon who reported that their revenue increased 1% for every 0.1 second increase of their site loading speed.


Speed Up Website

Therefore, the page speed is one of ranking signal for Google search engine. People would definitely navigate away from your site if it took too long to load on web browser. As a result, you lose your potential customers, back linking from web crawlers and finally optimization from search engines.

So don’t let snail’s pace web speed kill your bottom line.

4. Avoid duplicate versions of content

Search engines specifically Google are quite strict about duplicate and thin versions of content that added little or no value to the page. They do not hesitate to assign lower ranking to those pages having this problem because they are confused about which version of content that they will show to web searchers.

Therefore, many webmaster will not risk linking back to your site since it is ranked as low quality link by the most powerful search engine. Moreover, a website showing multiple versions of one single piece of material possibly creates a bad image as a reluctant business to potential customers.

Thus, you should make sure that your website does not contain duplicate or thin content. If you cannot avoid it, you can use canonical tag or a 301 redirect to rescue your site by suggesting search engines to consider multiple pages as one or use canonical tag to target the main URL that you want to rank for.


Use Canonical Tag to Avoid Duplicate

So instead of making Google think that your site is a jewelry store with many kinds of gems that need to be distinguished carefully, make it see yours as a cake factory where all of pies are mass produced and look the same.

In result, you can reduce the possibility of getting lower rank and consequently earn more back links to your site.

5. Use your ads smartly and effectively

There is no doubt that advertising on your website can bring you some benefits for example making money from advertisers or conveying marketing message to your audiences.

However, too many advertisements could slow your page speed and make it look unprofessional. People obviously do not want to link their website to ads. What they want is good quality site with useful content.

To balance this off, you should find an appropriate portion for your ads to maximize their benefits but also not disturb your potential customers. Plus, you should not discard quality for quantity with lots of crappy look advertisements placed at where people don’t want to click. This would hurt your traffic drastically and decrease your reputation significantly.

In a nutshell

Links from other websites to your site is one of efficient ways to gain higher rank on Google. Good back links are extremely difficult to get but as soon as you have some they will help to boost your traffic, your convention and your sales.

This SEO tactic will take time to accomplish but worth your efforts and resources. To reach the target, first of all you need to attract more back links to your site by applying these tips from this article and then refine those links to keep high quality ones only.

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