5 Tactics to Drive Your Obsolete Social Media Away

February 6, 2015 - The Rhythm of Digital Marketing

Not satisfied with your current traffic and sales? Wonder why they suddenly dropped or weren’t as good as before. If you are struggling with these problems now, maybe it’s time for you to renew your social media strategies.

Why? Because they might be out of date already and not effective anymore.

Here are 5 tactics that will help to prolong your social media’s magic and of course increase views, shares and revenues of your sites.

1. Choose your best times to post

Are you engaging with social media as one of your habits that you can post, share or tweet anytime you feel like or whenever you have a couple of free minutes? What if the audiences are not there to see your updates? Then your efforts will go with the flow and not bring any result back. We really don’t want to see that kind of waste, do we?

So choosing an appropriate time to post is essential with an e-marketer. And understanding your followers’ digital social schedule and timing your posts right are kind of a science. Each social media site has its own peaking times that you can learn to optimize through your social channels for the most effective approach.


Facebook and Twitter users are most active during lunch break and later in the early afternoon.

best-time-to post-2

Visual networks like Pinterest and Tumblr have more visits at off-work time.

Those become the golden times for you to post and raise the click-thru rate of your social sites.

2. Optimize your social media contents (SMO)

You may be quite familiar with website and search engine optimization (SEO) but have you done the same thing with your social media content? Since content marketing has become the king of online marketing today, you should follow the trend and spice your posts up with the following tips.

    • Add awesome visuals to your post:

There is no doubt that images, photos and videos get better engagements on social platforms than text-based content. They also help the audiences grasp your message quickly and keep the image of your brand lasting longer in customers’ minds.


Add awesome visuals to your post

    • Add social media meta tag to your content:

Have you ever tried to copy and paste a link into Facebook or Google+ and recognized that the illustrated image and content were so plain or even did not match with that link? Those tiny mistakes could make social media users give up on sharing the link and reduce their interest in the content.
By using mega tag on your posts, search engines will be able to scan your code as well as pull your image. It just takes a minute to finish but the difference is absolutely huge.


Link to a post of Subiz live chat blog that results in an impressive piece of content.

    • Call to action:

Don’t forget to add Call-to-action in your post. This will help to reach and enlarge your pool of audiences. There are several ways to express your call, for example, ask people to retweet or feel free to share or offer a small reward for sharing your link.

According to a study of Social Bakers from 3792 brands on Twitter, 73.48 retweets received per tweet when audiences were asked to “RT”. On the other hand, tweet without a call to action only got 2 retweets on average. So you should ask for more now.


Call to action button

3. Limit social sharing buttons

Do not be greedy when decide how many social sharing buttons to add next to your content. Because too many buttons can affect negatively traffic of your website.

For example, if you have 100 shares per day in total with 3 sharing options, one or two of them may get the most click through rate and then become well-known. However, if it is 100 shares for 7 used buttons, the chance for your social sites outstand become slimmer accordingly.

Moreover, adding more than a few social buttons may incline your website’s speed which has been clearly linked to the quality of readership and SEO. Thus, it’s important to consider carefully and choose smartly which social sharing buttons to display on your post.


An perfect optimal number of sharing buttons is from 3 to 5

The optimal number of sharing buttons is from 3 to 5. More than that, it will become a clutter but less will limit your visitors’ choice.

4. Promote yourself on social sites

It’s obvious that your final target is to increase your sales but you need to gain your audience’s trust and loyalty first by providing value on your channels.

So how to promote yourself through social media? You can share other’s sites relating to trendy topics and provide helpful information on hot issues inside the industry. Remember that telling “good stories”will always draw most attentions and arguments. After creating a discussion, you can easily add more value by answering and replying questions from followers.

Those will build up your reputation and finally improve your social image. Sooner or later, your audiences will become your clients and traffic will convert into profit. Also to boost your website’s conversion rate, you can use a tool called Subiz which provides all of the live chat functions and analysis as well.

5. Approach audiences directly

Not all of your followers are interested in buying your products except when you are offering a crazy sale on site. Thus, your post, updates and shares won’t result in as much revenue as you desire. Once your following grows big, I suggest you to classify your audiences and categorize them into groups with similar preferences and demands. Therefore, you can tailor your message to get more influence on them.

For example, you establish a specific group of followers that are usually on Pinterest and Tumblr and interested in your posts about product Z of your brand. Then you should create a tool to interact with the group and invite them to share their information like email addresses.

Later you can easily approach them with appropriate content including visuals and relating to product Z. The chance that many of the group will be attracted by your message and decide to buy the product is much higher than general approaches.


From now on, you should check if you fulfill this list before posting on your social sites

  • This is the best time to post.
  • The content has awesome visuals and added mega tags and call to action.
  • The number of social sharing buttons is from 3 to 5.
  • My self is promoted through my post and comments.
  • The content is suitable with approached audiences.

If all is done in your check list, then I welcome you to modern advanced social media.

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