Why Subiz?
  • Effective Communication

    Businesses have a variety of ways to interact with customers anytime, anywhere, conveniently and easily; on one platform and gather all the data as well as the customer's conversation history with the business.

  • Simple & Powerful

    Simple and powerful features to help detect, analyze and solve customer problems; All communication with customers will be concentrated in one place and personalized, helping businesses win and turn them into loyal customers.

  • Automation & Optimization

    Powerful automatic features maximize the exploration of customers'data collected from multi-channel. Each agent and departments can optimally communicate with customers.

  • All-in-one

    Subiz is a platform to support businesses communicate to customers throughout the process of marketing, approaching, identifying, segment, selling, caring and managing customers.

  • Improve services & Revenue breakthroughs

    Each of Subiz's features is designed to keep you to ready, approach, and sell effectively. Building up a detailed picture of your customers and personalizing communication to help you to conquer their hearts and build better relationships with customers

  • Accompany with businesses

    Using Subiz means that you are supported by a team of technology experts and success customer service. We continuously research and develop products to bring more the values beyond expectations to your business.

Our Customers

More than +20.000 businesses are trully, deeply, mady using Subiz. How about you?

  • NCB Bank Kidplaza Datxanh Vin Group Mazda NamDuoc
  • Vietnam Discovery Canifa Pico mywork Hoa Sao Group GLN English
  • PNJ Baotin TruongHai Korea Spa metfone FPT University Hoang Ha mobile Visa center
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