Live chat is turning into a piece of the web shopping experience that it can help business improve branding, customer satisfaction and conversions. However, not all live chat agents can do that. Some just answer customers’ questions, some give them advice, only some people can convert them from visitors to their customers by giving them… Read More


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What kind of customer service on earth would let customers help themselves when they have trouble? You might think so. Calm down, it’s not like that. Of course, a great customer service experience means to be having a knowledgeable and helpful support representative to solve customer’s questions. However, many customers out there choose to be… Read More


One of the best ways to grow your brand’s fan base is via the existing fans you’re retaining. No marketing method is more effective and cost less than words of mouth marketing – where people who love you spread their love around and give affection to other prospective customers. Of course a good customer service… Read More


Driving conversions to the website requires extensive efforts, including testing, analyzing, and optimization. The most critical metric for every online business is the conversion rate which is the ratio of visitors to your website, then go on to take a desired action, such as purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, etc. Here are… Read More