04 - 2015
Internet shopping

Your product pages can’t seem to be more perfect. You have compelling product descriptions. You have catchy, high-res product images. You have loads of convincing social proof. You have a prominent call to action that is more than encouraging. But wait. Are you going to stop there? What if you can do more to bring… Read More


04 - 2015
A good way to communicate with customer is live online support

Online support is a good way for every single business nowadays. There is nothing better than helping customers to answer their questions fast and correctly. However, some customers still don’t want to chat with business because of a several reasons which make them scare when chatting with customer service on the website. 1. Afraid of… Read More


04 - 2015
content is king

They are something that you cannot avoid, hide or run away if you are a marketer, especially an e-marketer. They appear at every corner of marketing and sneak into your strategy plan, meeting discussion and brainstorm regardless of your intention. Buzzword battlefield is rough as some emerge and quickly become dominant while some faded away… Read More


04 - 2015

One does not simply gain the rewards of words of mouth from customer as well as their loyalty without a good product AND an unforgettable customer service. There are many traits that a top-tier customer service should have to become remarkable. Talking about what you need to do to uplift the experience of customers when… Read More


04 - 2015

This is a fast-paced world we live in. All too often you will find your customers having little to no tolerance for waiting. Their attention and patience wears thin every minute you fail to get back to them in a timely fashion. For an online business, this could mean your prospect moving onto another retailer… Read More


04 - 2015

Today world is heavily digitalized and automated to the point of making the door to automatically open when a person is approaching near it. We have been creating machines that understand people. Customer service is not an exception. An automated customer service helps process things between company and customers faster, without mistakes. However, the bad… Read More