03 - 2015

Visiting any eCommerce website, you will usually see the promise of delivering “top-notch” or “dedicated” customer service which you couldn’t get anywhere else. It’s no surprise to me, since in this e-business, when the product variety is vast and with the same need we have many different options to choose from, stunning customer service is… Read More


03 - 2015
Bảo trì hệ thống server

To improve your experiences with Subiz Live Chat, We are to perform server maintenance on this Tuesday and Wednesday. Time: Tuesday March 3rd, 2015; 16:00 – 16:20 UTC Wednesday March 4th, 2015; 16:00 – 16:30 UTC Duration: 20 minutes Expected Impact Your connection to Subiz servers will be interrupted during the maintenance. Logging out of… Read More


02 - 2015

I’m not gonna scare your soul out, but it’s important to remember that 78% (YES, you don’t read it wrong, 78%) of consumers have left a transaction because of a poor customer service experience, according to AmericanExpress. Inadequate customer support is one of the main reasons for prospective customers to leave one company forever. Study… Read More


02 - 2015

The bloom of cyber world has changed the way e-customers process the information from digital marketing messages. Their trust is not gained easily with simple and old-fashioned tactics anymore. To them, e-commerce provides convenience and variety but also involves potential risks due to lack of transparency in seller’s profile and products as everything happens through… Read More


02 - 2015

There’s a saying: “Good things come to those who wait”. But it’s not always true. Can you read this question in your website visitor’s mind: “So, here I am, browsing this website. What’s next?” No? You should feel bad now. There are two types of site visitors: those who actively engage with your website, and… Read More


02 - 2015

Don’t ever drag your phone agent to a chat agent position. If you do, make sure they are specially trained for that. Support via live chat can be challenging. Charming voice or polished appearance is to no use in this case. All chat agents have is some soulless texts on the dull screen. Still, they… Read More


02 - 2015

Since doing business is all about building relationship, etiquette is crucial. Handle live chat communication with proper manners will gain you not only satisfied, but loyal customers, who may become your future brand ambassador. To achieve excellent live chat etiquette, steering clear of some common mistakes is not enough. Chat operators should master the art… Read More


02 - 2015

When it comes to maximize customer’s attention, typography becomes one of the most effective tools in content marketing. There is no doubt that good typography makes your text more effective in the way that it enables the process of reading and comprehending effortless, hence creates interest in the message and later impression in your product… Read More