01 - 2015
A brand-new look of Subiz website

Today is a historic day at Subiz. After months in development, we are delighted to announce our three great changes: A brand-new look of Subiz website The upgrade of Subiz server system (Version 3.0) More informative and interesting English blog posts 1, A brand-new look of Subiz website The first amazing news, we are ecstatic… Read More


11 - 2014
Kiểm soát toàn bộ cuộc nói chuyện với khách hàng của bạn chỉ trong lòng bàn tay.

Optimizing chat widget for mobile edition is one of the most exciting news which Subiz officially delivers to all of customers. Nowadays, more than 2.5 billions people around the world frequently use internet-connected mobile device for researching, billing and shopping online of course (Researched by WeareSocial). Let’s take advantage of Subiz live chat to exploit… Read More


09 - 2014

Subiz today introduces a new Notification features that allows users to use Dashboard conveniently. The function of Desktop Notifications During your working process, you can not control everything happening to your visitors on chat dashboard. You need to have a something to alert you. Subiz’s desktop notification is developed for that target. Desktop notifications are… Read More


09 - 2014
Subiz update

Subiz has just rolled out some of attentive improvements to bring the best experiences to customers while using Subiz live chat. 1. Sound notification on Dashboard You will be provided a sound gallery to customize for new messages or incoming request chats notification. This is a crucial enhancement from Subiz for agents during conversation. Come… Read More


08 - 2014
Subiz New update

Subiz: Some of significant updates 1. Spanish, Portuguese and Italian are now available on Subiz chat’s widget It has been a long time since Subiz only supported English and Vietnamese on the chat widget. That has made difficulties for the Subiz in spreading chat service to non-English speaking countries in the world as well as… Read More


07 - 2014
Subiz New update

Lately, Subiz has made some changes in Dashboard to bring better experiences when using Subiz. These changes include: Highlight the status of visitor’s status (18/07/2014) To help you easily acknowledge the visitor’s status, Subiz creates small round spots in button chat (Dashboard) that stands for the availability of visitor: – Green for Active visitor –… Read More


07 - 2014

You must know about features as well as benefits that Subiz brings out when you installed it on your website. One of these benefits is to let you know the availability of your support team. In other words, you will know how long customers receive your reply. Now I introduce you to figure out the… Read More