The goal of your business is not just sale but also customer satisfaction, especially in service industry. Even you sell products only once for customers, you still need to care about their feedback which will help you apprehend more about your business, products, and others. If you are looking for a solution to collect customer feedback, live chat… Read More

Customer Behavior – What and How to Track on Your Online Store

Hello again and welcome back to the series of tracking customer behavior series! Last time, I presented some main (and important) metrics for you to start with understanding your customer behaviors. This time, let’s jump into finding the best tools for you to nail the customer behavior optimization. The good news is, there are a… Read More

customer behavior optimization

How can you tapping into customer’s pain and help them find the answer they have been looking for? You can do that only when you understand your customers. And to understand customers, you need to LEARN about them. Learn from where people land on your website, what activities they engage with while browsing through your… Read More

Bounce rate optimization for ecommerce website

Your business goes online. You have a stunning e-commerce website. Your products are on the shelf ready to sell. Then you have guests. They come and then they leave. Some come back. Some don’t. Now you have bounce rate. Well, don’t be sad yet. Bounce rate is inevitable for any online website out there. What… Read More


Here we are talking about customer’s love for the brand again! You never could imagine that there may be ten million ways for customers to fall in love with your company, right? Winning over customers is undoubtedly the job of customer service team. And one of the best tools to have your stellar customer service… Read More

Subiz cập nhật ngôn ngữ mới

Subiz has taken a further step to provide you the best experience with live chat. Today, we are pleased to announce that new languages have been featured on both Subiz Dashboard and chat widget. New languages for Dashboard From now on, your workplace, Subiz Dashboard, is enabled to display in Portuguese, Brazilian, Thai and Indonesian.… Read More