Manage agents: Do you know how?

Now you’ve installed Subiz live chat for your site. Suppose that you’re in charge of support team. But have you ever wondered that how you can manage your agents? Check some ways below to make sure that you can keep track every steps of your agents: 1. Dashboard It’s no doubt that managing agents in [...]



How to set up agent avatar effectively?

After creating agents, don’t rush to support visitors immediately. There are a few things you should customize before that. One of them is setting up agent avatar. What is agent avatar? As you can see,  at top-left corner of every widget, there’s a small place to put agent’s avatar. Visitors will have a visual acknowledge [...]



Instant Messaging client and Dashboard: Which one is better for you?


Now Subiz version 2.0 works smoothly and effectively. Many new amazing features installed and nothing can stop you supporting visitors better. One of these features is chatting inside Dashboard while maybe in version 1.0, you’re familiar with chatting on Instant Messaging (IM) client software. So, the question is which one is better for your site? [...]



Update Subiz 2.0: Report feature is now available!

Although Subiz 2.0‘s launched, we still work hard to complete our features as best we can. And now we’re really happy to announce that now Subiz 2.0 Report on Dashboard is available. We’re also proud to say that Report is very detailed and powerful. As you can see, many amazing features will let you keep [...]



Subiz 2.0: Changes about Free package

Subiz 2.0′s officially launched with amazing features. I guess these differences should be recognized by you during using new version of Subiz. Together with it, we also decide to make some changes about Free packages: Subiz free package now has 60 chats per month, unlimited department. And these changes come into effective from 9:00 a.m [...]



Announcement: IMO discontinues support for all third-party messaging

According to announcement of IMO lately, they don’t support third-party messaging anymore. Therefore, people using IMO client for Subiz can’t chat from now on. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with Subiz, you still use Subiz normally. We suggest you using other IM clients or even simply using Dashboard for convenience and effectiveness. Happy supporting!



Subiz 2.0: A big change about Virtual Agent in setting Trigger

It’s no secret that we’ve just launched Subiz 2.0 successfully. And we also promised you that we would bring all the best we have. Today we’d like to introduce you a big change about setting Agent who sends invitation/messages to visitors while setting trigger. As you know, in Subiz 1.0, to set trigger, after selecting [...]



A totally new chat widget – Ready to take you by surprise

It’s quite obvious to see that together with launching Subiz version 2.0, we bring out a 100% completely new chat widget. We’ve spent several months redesigning chat widget and finally, it’s here with all our pride and excitement. The biggest change you can easily realise that instead of offering four themes like we did in [...]



Launching Subiz 2.0 – It’s here finally

I’m really happy and super excited to announce the launch of Subiz live chat, version 2.0. Although Subiz has come a long way, it still has had a long way to go. And now it’s time to make a big change. Why a new version? Since the first launch in the middle of 2013, we’ve [...]



Subiz: Seen through Vietnam Discovery’s eyes


Launched for many years, Vietnam Discovery Travel has been one among the major online  tour operators in Vietnam and served a huge number of travelers every year. Vietnam Discovery comprises a wide range of providing Vietnam Visa approval letter for foreign visitors, car pick-up and transfer along with arranging Vietnam accommodations and operating in-bound tours. [...]